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Saturday, August 26, 2006


Myself, and 5 of my buddies are in the National "Let it Fly" flag football tournament. Today, we played 3 games, and are now 3-0. (Thank you very much Matt, I may not be great at softball, but 3-0 baby, 3 AND 0) We won our first game against "Chaos" from San Jose, 27-12, after being up 27-0. (They had 6 guys, and a binder full of plays. Looks like they didn't help.) If we would have gotten the extra point before the half, we would have won, before halftime, 28-0. But we let em hang around a bit. Our second game against "Hoping to win one" resulted in a 21-6 drubbing. Our opponent had 4 guys and 2 girls on their team. Come on. Girls? In a football tournament? Get serious. Our third and final game of the day we won 14-6. The team we played were all guys in their mid 30's. They were all African American, and joked that they didn't appreciate our team name. (Team Shake and Bake) I told them it was from "Talladega Nights", the Nascar movie. To which they said "We're brotha's, we don't go watch movies about Nascar". Those guys went 0-4 on the day, and drove all the way to San Jose from Stockton, to play in the tournament. I'd like to personally thank them for not going postal in their last game with nothing to lose, and taking us out by the kneecaps. They were twice our size.

So tomorrow we have one game at 10am, then we find out the playoff bracket. If we win out, we will get to play in the National Finals. TEAM SHAKE AND BAKE!

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