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Thursday, September 20, 2007
Waiting for Brielle to get here is hard work.

Nicki is dilated to one centimeter, and Brielle has "dropped". So literally, labor could happen at any moment. The problem in the meantime is telling everyone at work and church the same thing every day. "No, not yet. We're waiting, but nothing yet". That, along with the HORRIBLE sleep I'm getting because Nicki is tossing and turning all night because she can't get comfortable, is making these final few weeks really difficult. Nicki can barely walk, Kayla is becoming MORE active, so it feels like I'm starting my second job of the day when I get home from work. I just want Brielle to get the hell out of my wife. I'm ready for her. I imagine her with brunette hair and a really funny sense of humor. We'll see if I'm right.

On the music scene, "Crocodile" is the new single by one of my favorite bands, Underworld. You can hear the song here. (it's my myspace page, the song automatically starts) The song is perfect. I've listened to it about 30 times and it just keeps getting better and betterer. You should give it a listen.
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