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Tuesday, August 02, 2005
Good news....

Comcast came by today and has apparently fixed my problem. They ran a wire straight from the street into my lil' officina, instead of going through like 17 splitters and half of Fremont. I'm steadily getting over 6000kbps down. Which is phenomenal. So lets hope it stays that way.

Bad news....

With Comcasts new settings, it has rendered my router useless. Because now when I go through my router it slows my speed to about that of a 56k modem. It had to happen someday. My router only cost 15 bucks at Frys a year ago. So translated into WHAT THAT MEANS FOR ALL OF YOU, my camera is going to be offline until I ante' up and get a nice Linksys router. I have to run my pc through a router in order for my webcam to work. Sorry about it.

So here's a sexy picture of Patrick Swayze until I get my camera back online.

P.S. In keeping with my celebrity dream extravaganza lately, I've had two more dreams with female celebrities in the last 3 nights. The theme, along with the Scarlett Johannson dream, they have all been my girlfriend. Omorosa from "The Apprentice" (a show I never watched) and a very fat Courtney Cox have been my latest two dreams. The Courtney Cox dream was particularly funny because she was extremely overweight, she grabbed my hand and started parading me around Europe as her new "boyfriend". I really don't know why I'm having all of these celebrity dreams lately. What's the deal?

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