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Friday, May 26, 2006
Dear Oakland A's,

On behalf of my daughter Kayla, I would like to apologize. Since her birth one week ago today,we have watched every game together, and you have not won one single game. You've lost 6 in a row. It was kind of a joke on Tuesday when it was just a 3 game skid, but now it is not funny one bit. Last night things were looking good. You were up 7-0 in the 6th inning. But then it happened. Just like you are not supposed to talk to a pitcher in the middle of a no hitter, I made a grave mistake. I went over and held Kayla. I thought 7-0 was a substantial enough lead for me to do so. I figured a few runs wouldn't even hurt. After the grand slam it was 7-4 and I gave her back to her mom because I figured the Kayla curse would wear off. But no. You ended up losing 8-7. Then again tonight things were looking up. I got home from work and it was 1-0. I watched for a while and it was 2-0. Then Nicki woke up and brought Kayla out to see her daddy. Guess what happened. 2 run inning for the Rangers and the game was tied at 2. You ended up losing 3-2. I had done it again. I'm really sorry too. You had won 5 in a row going into Friday's game before the birth of my daughter.

I don't know what to do. Sell her? Trade her? Demote her back to her the womb? I'm mulling my options.
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