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Tuesday, December 26, 2006
and now, a poem i wrote in 1997...

through the whispering clouds
the moon shines down
illuminating the still quiet night
as the trees sway back and forth

i can see every drop of rain
and feel the sensation on my body
i stand alone looking out to the heavens
i reach out to touch what isn't there

the silence is deafening
i cover my ears to muffle nothing
humbled by my surroundings
the night and i become one

my vision is becoming clear
the sounds i hear make sense
i breathe in the fresh air
because this is my drug of choice

im growing older in my mind
the birds fly over my head
the darkness lights up the night
i can see beyond the distance

the leaves begin to drop
and the earth breaks their fall
the rain has washed the ground
leaving only myself as a witness

the warmth is moving through my body
my feet are dry where i stand
i can hear myself think
and yet i cant move a muscle

the sun begins to rise
and the earth comes alive
i dont understand the morning
it has taken my only friend away

ricky borba. 1997

10 years later, i realize how pathetic and lame this is.
posted by Ricky @ 10:11 PM  
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