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Monday, March 30, 2009
Observations at 7:54AM on Monday March 30th, 2009

1. VAST is definitely my second favorite band. I'm not sure who was number 2 before I listened to their latest album, but they took over.

2. I'm in a really good mood today. Today is my favorite.

3. I love it when Kayla comes into bed with us at 3am. Even though it interrupts my sleep, it's my favorite.

4. I bought two mini-composition notebooks yesterday. One for my pocket and one for my nightstand, so when I come up with incredible ideas I can write them down on the spot. Three days ago I came up with the cure for gout, but forgot to write it down and couldn't remember later. But my mini composition notebooks are my favorite.

5. It's really windy up here. The past 2 days have reminded me of Chicago, even though I've never been to Chicago. Chicago is my favorite though.

6. I have not studied for this quiz I'm about to take in Western Civ II right now. Studying is my favorite thing to do.

7. For having only slept 6 hours I have surprisingly high energy levels. Having energy is MY FAVORITE.

8. Is there anything better than listening to 80's and 90's rap mixes while you drive to school in the morning? 80's and 90's rap in the morning is my favorite.
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