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Friday, June 17, 2005
I think I'm going to...

Introduce a new section to the site. A movie reviews section. Short n' sweet. I know no one wants to read 9 paragraphs about every movie I see, like I wrote for Star Wars Revenge of the Sith. For my rating system, I'll use peanut m & m's. Why? Because they have 3 of the 4 food groups in one bite size nugget. What are the three, you ask? Dairy(milk chocolate), Protien(peanut), and Chocolate(chocolate). Plus, they are my favorite food. Sometimes, I eat them for dinner.

At the very bottom of my list, out of all the movies I've seen, is "The Ninth Gate". I saw it once like 3 years ago, and needed to be restrained from scooping out my eyeballs with a spoon after it was over. So that movie would get 0 peanut m & m's. To earn 5 peanut m & m's, the movie would have to rank up there with any one of the original 3 Star Wars movies, Fight Club, and Forest Gump. Those are 3 of my all-time favorite movies off the top of my head. So here's my first submission:

Batman Begins

Why it got 4.5 stars and not 5: Because I had a hard time believing Katie Holmes could be Christian Bale's same age. She was terrific, but he looks mid-30's, and she looks mid-20's. They were supposedly the same age, so that took me out of it a bit. If it weren't for that, this movie would have gotten 5 peanut m & m's.

The Good: Pretty much everything. I completely talked myself into believing that in order to tell the back story, and how Bruce Wayne became Batman would equal boredom. Nope. This movie fires on all cylinders throughout the entire film. I was extremely bummed when the credits rolled. This is one of the best super hero movies ever, if not THE best. Christopher Nolan directed, and he did an amazing job. Go see Momento if you haven't. It will blow your mind. Another thing that I really enjoyed about this movie while watching was the score. Holy cow. Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard really made something special here. I love the theme. I love the horns. I got the soundtrack as soon as I got home. It's outstanding.

The Bad: 1. Believing Katie Holmes was the same age as Christian Bale. See above. 2. That it ended. I wish this movie was like 9 hours long.

The Ugly: What the Scarecrow see's when he gets a taste of his own medicine.
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