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Monday, October 17, 2005

i like staying up late, getting up late, peanut m & m's, playing baseball and football, imagining i'm in a movie as i go through my day, calling people and saying "hey let me call you back" as soon as they pickup, asking someone "does this sound like i'm hanging up on you" then actually hanging up on them, watching football ALL DAY on sunday, star wars, the a's, the 49ers, my new cell phone, the word "enrapture", acting like a 10 year old, NEVER taking anything serious - EVER, doing random reverse kicks throughout my day, doing my hair in the morning, reciting vulgar late 80's early 90's rap lyrics, listening to trance music, playing video games, learning new words, winking, sniping columbian drug lords, knowing i look a lot younger than 28, doing impersonations, calling friends i haven't talked to in a while and catching up, making good videos, and having green eyes.

i don't like bad spellers, people who substitute one letter for a word like "u" for "you"(unless you are texting from your phone), the dmv, the whole idea behind having to register my car every year, hidden cell phone fees, seinfeld, commercials that have typing or eating sound effects, getting up early to workout, working out, after the workout when im sore, not being able to run fast, being 5'10", having to explain jokes, people with no sense of humor, people who post lame bulletins on myspace, shallow people, dirt and grime, smelling like food, most tv shows, mushrooms, olives, peppers, onions, most vegetables, vegans, vegetarians, people who take themselves waaaaaaaay to seriously, people who are really into politics, people my age who listen to talk radio, talk radio, the fact that if you don't get into an accident or anything requiring your car insurance to kick in that you don't get a refund, beer, wine, most alcohol, female sideline reporters (yeah i said it), that fact that being a "socialite" is considered an occupation.

that's all for now.

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