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Saturday, November 12, 2005
It's 2:57 a.m.

And I'm still up. This is vintage Ricky Borba. I used to stay up like this all of the time. I used to work the 10pm to 6am shift on the radio. I like staying up late.

By the way, I got a new part time job today. With a company called Data Scale. It's a part time job, and they seem very very open and okay with me trying to get my production company off the ground while I work there as well. So it seems like a good fit, and with the holidays and a baby on the way, it's perfect timing. Thanks God. It's kind of a vague job description, so I'm curious to see how it really turns out and what my actual job is going to be. I have to be there by 8am, which totally sucks because I hate getting up early, but it is less than two miles from my house. So with this new job, the church paying me to make videos, and Juva9 paying me part time, maybe things are going to get better in the ol' financial dept.

By the way, I think I'm way more productive during this late night time period than at any other time during the day. And a side note, I'm listening to a song called "Don't save us from the flames" by a group called M83. You should listen to it. I know you know how to download music.

I think I'm going to bed. Here's a video for you. Click here.
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