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Monday, August 13, 2007
Things that really bug me/I don't understand:

How they can tell if a Dinosaur, a creature that has been extinct longer than than anything else on the planet, was a vegetarian or a meat eater. Do they find stuff inside their stomachs when they unearth the bones? No. Knock it off scientists.

The more rich and famous you are, the less you have to pay for things in life. And the more broke you are, the harder it is for you to get things like decent health insurance, good housing, etc. It's almost like that whole scenario should be reversed.

Why in America, I have to press 1 for English. It should just be English automatically when I call somewhere.

Everytime I receive a network error on my Yahoo music player and it can't play a song that's pre loaded, its a song I REALLY wanted to hear. Every. Time.

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