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Sunday, May 29, 2005
formal apology.....

to my cousin keven crabb. last night at my cousin kim's wedding, i sneakingly put the camera in front of his face and took a picture . the funny part was that the flash would go off two inches from his eyes. he got all mad and started crying, then he raised his hand and waited for the waiter to come to his table. then he told the waiter that i was quote, a "mean man" and asked that i be removed. well, that didn't happen because the waiter was an old war veteran that served with me in nam'. we laughed at kev and called him a "draft dodger", among other names. then kev said "i wasn't even alive during the vietnam war you idiots." then i realized that i was actually underwater on a scuba dive and that my oxygen was being cut off and i had been imagining everything.
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