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Tuesday, August 09, 2005
Scared at 3am......

So last night Nicki was having really bad cramps when we went to bed. Sometimes this happens. No big deal. I rub her back, she falls asleep, tomorrow's another day. Well first of all, I should have entitled this posting as "I'm a light sleeper". Okay, back to my story. I fall asleep around 11:30 while she's watching some girly crap on tv. Usually I wake up around 1 or 2 to the TV still on and Nicki fast asleep. So I usually reach over her, grab the remote, punch her in the face whiles she's in a deep sleep and say "HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU THAT IF YOU CAN'T BE RESPONSIBLE ENOUGH TO TURN THE TV OFF THEN YOU'RE GOING TO GET YOUR PRIVILIGES TAKEN AWAY?!" She usually cries herself back to sleep. Anyway, last night I didn't wake up until 3am. Like I said, I'm a light sleeper and usually will have woken up 42 times from when I initially fell asleep and then. So 3am I wake up. I hear no TV. I use my foot to feel around for my wife. No wife. I look up at the TV. TV's off. Look over at the bedroom door. Door's open. No lights on in the house. At this point I start looking down at my hands to make sure I didn't sleep walk and murder her. Check. So I start saying her name. No response. I get up and say it louder. No response. I go to the hallway and say it. No response. I stumble through the hallway and say it again. Finally this time I hearher. So I turn on the light and she's sleeping on the couch. She's never done that before, ever. So I asked her what was going on and she said she couldn't fall asleep in the room and she didn't want to keep me up with her tossing and turning. Thanks Nicki, I almost had a heart attack.
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