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Saturday, July 08, 2006

first of all. you know i hate bad smells, and especially smelling like food. so this morning nicki and her sister decided they wanted to make artichokes. (strike one. they are disgusting. and strike two is the fact that anything you eat with globs of mayonnaise automatically qualifies that food as ungodly) the smell when you boil artichokes is also disgusting. its almost like chocolate chip cookies. almost. its a cross between chocolate chip cookies, and old water used to wash feet. i cant begin to explain how sick the smell makes me. so i decide in my wisdom, to leave the house for a tick, and go get a sandwich while i study my lines for the play im doing at church. i leave for just about an hour. and when i pull into the driveway, i see something. its on the lawn. its the pot they were cooking the artichokes in. i knew what had happened before i even got out of my car. they burned the pot, while simultaneously burning the artichokes. i walk in the house, and almost faint. STRIKE THREE. the smell of burnt artichoke and burnt pot is overwhelming me. i feel like im on lsd. i cant see straight. the flys buzzing around are speaking to me. and what makes it all worse is, nicki and her sister in their infinite wisdom decided to just toss the burnt artichokes in the trash that is in the kitchen. no, they didnt even take it outside. my house smells so bad right now. i cant even stand to be in it. i just took a shower, but i feel like i need another one. today is not a good day.

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