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Monday, September 11, 2006
Smelliest accident ever.

On my way home from Manteca yesterday, highway 680 grinded to a hault right before the Sunol exit. For an hour, I went about half a mile. So when traffic finally started moving at 5mph and as I got closer to the "Sunol grade" (the big hill on 680 right before Vargas road) I noticed it was starting to smell. Really bad. Like shit. I could not escape it. I rolled the windows up, turned the A/C off, but it was too late. The smell was everywhere. And as I got to the top of the grade, I found out why. A motor home had gotten into an accident, and the septic tank on it was destroyed. There was a haz-mat team scrubbing the highway. They were scrubbing shit, off of the highway. What made it worse was that the family from the motor home was sitting on the side of the highway, watching the haz-mat team scrub their shit, for everyone driving by to see. Not a proud moment for that family, I'm thinking.
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