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Tuesday, April 22, 2008
Since football isn't on year-round....

I've begun enjoying a couple of other sports. One of the sports I enjoy watching and playing the video game version of, and the other sport I only enjoy playing the video game version of. And if you've been a reader of my website/blog for a while you probably know one of them already.

Hockey. Hockey is cool. No pun intended. Seriously. It's fun to watch, and it's fun to playon the PS3 or XBOX 360. It's fast-paced, dudes check each other (which means they basically slam into each other while skating as fast as they humanly can), fights break out all the time, and it's fun to listen to all of the announcers because most of them are from Canada, eh. I don't understand all of the nuances of Hockey. I don't understand the penalties, and I sure as hell don't understand why the players don't wear face guards. Half of the guys I've seen are missing some, if not all of their teeth AND all of their noses look more crooked than a politician in an election year. Still, I get the basics, and I've really enjoyed watching the Sharks play in the playoffs this year. Right now they're winning game 7 by the score of 3-2, and it's been exciting to watch the whole time. Hockey is cool, and you should at least watch one game.

Now, this second admission of mine is a little hard to swallow, because I've given Nicki such a hard time for being SO into it. Soccer. Yeah that's right, soccer. To quote Mike Ward, lead singer of the band "The Business End" and current best friend of mine, "It's a beautiful game, Rick". (By the way, Mike is one of 4 people I allow to call me Rick. So don't try it.) And it is. Soccer is beautiful. It's not very fast paced, the players are all huge sissy's (I mean come on, someone could spit on their shin and they'd go down wincing in pain), a lot of time is spent passing to teammates behind you, the whole time keeping system blows goats, and the overtime system isn't that great. Still, it is beautiful. And I enjoy playing it on my 360. It's fun. Trust me. However, I still can't bring myself to watch it on TV. It's slow, boring, and I have no patience in waiting 45 minutes for 1 score. So until Kayla or Brielle start playing soccer, I refuse to watch it in real life.

Having said all that, Basketball sucks. I've tried. Really I have. But something about that sport really rubs me the wrong way. It flat out sucks. And Golf shouldn't even be classified as a sport, so I'm not even going to dignify an explanation for why I loathe that acquired skill.

In the 8 minutes I've taken to write this, the Sharks have scored twice. 5-2 Sharks. Exciting, see?!
posted by Ricky @ 8:20 PM  
  • At 4/22/2008 09:20:00 PM, Blogger Kimberly said…

    On the NFL Network, Football is on year-round. It's their slogan.

  • At 4/23/2008 07:26:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Soccer's a funny thing, I've watched some players run a ball through traffic taking hits like a running back only to stay up and keep control of the ball... then I've seen the same player, when challenged by a stiff breeze, collapse to the ground writhing in agony while grabbing thier shin.

    Go Sharks!

    and basketball does suck.


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