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Thursday, March 20, 2008
I'm bored, so I'm just going to post some random things about me.

Most fun I've ever had:
Probably Star Wars Celebration II with my sister, wife and best friend.

Least amount of fun I've ever had: 3 day stay in the hospital when I was 20 for stomach cramps. Finally on the third day, this old, crabby doctor came into my room and said "What's a matter with you?" I said, "I don't know." He stuck his two fingers up my butt, I farted really loud and long, and immediately felt better. I was released two hours later.

Favorite Movie without Star Wars in the title: Rushmore. But I'm not thrilled with that answer, even though I'm the one making up the questions and answers.

Favorite food: Chicken Parm. Hands down. If I'm eating Italian, I'm eating Chicken Parm.

Favorite thing about Kayla: Her voice and when she randomly wants a kiss or a hug.

Favorite thing about Brielle: Her soft skin and her smile.

Favorite thing about Nicki: Her heart and her beauty.

Most annoying thing in the world right now: That "I need you boo" song. And ANY song that has voice synthesization going on. Think "Only God Knows Why"by Kid Rock, and ANY song by Maroon 5.

Profession I'd least like to do that's a fairly common career: Salesman.

Thing that I just cannot seem to get on top of: Your mom, and keeping our house clean.

Things I'd like to accomplish fairly soon: Getting my black belt, learning Spanish and reading all the way through the Bible.

Websites I visit daily, sometimes hourly: digg.com, espn.com, cnn.com

Times I feel it's necessary to update my blog per week: 3

People I've murdered in the continental United States: 6

Things I can't understand no matter how hard I try: Horses, and the love of. Letting money rule your life. Pursuing a career that you have no interest in, just to make good money. Refusing to eat junk food and drink soda once in a while. Fathers' who leave their kids and family. Thrash Metal. Wanting to camp. Eating sushi.

Things about me that others probably make fun of when I'm not around and sometimes when I'm standing in front of them: My love of Star Wars. My ears. My wardrobe. Why I refuse to work somewhere or in a career that I have no desire for, just to make good money. My love for Little Smokie burritos. The Ford Taurus I own. My religious beliefs.

Minutes I am from leaving work: 11

Names of my siblings(that I know of): Steve, Danny, Amy, Cydney.

How many stocks I own: 0

How many video games I own: Over 1000.

How many hours I've played video games since January: 2

Times I make myself laugh during the day: At least 5.

Worst attribute: Tie between my sense of direction and not being mechanically inclined.

Best attribute: Far too many to name.

Year I wish I could re-live: 1994.
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