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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Yesterday was my Uncle Louie's funeral. He was 80 something I think. I was kinda close to him. He was awesome. We couldn't make the funeral due to being in dire straights financially, so I want to share the two little stories I was going to say at his funeral. Ready?

Growing up, I remember seeing Uncle Louie underneath the hood of his orange ford mustang ALL THE TIME. (pause for slight laughter because it's true AND funny) So I guess that made him a bad mechanic? (wait for an uproar of laughter and possible cheering)

And then this little nugget:

About 8 years ago, my cousin Kev and I were at Grandmas playing a hockey video game. This particular game had built in names you could use for hockey players you created on your own. You weren't able to actually use your real name because like I said, as there were only about 20 names that were pre-built into the game that you could choose from. One of the names available for use just happened to be "Uncle Lou". So I chose that name because it was funny to hear the announcer say "Uncle Lou with the slapshot! Uncle Lou gets checked into the boards!" and what not. Well one day Uncle Louie came over while Kev and I were playing. He kept hearing the video game say those things. So he came over to me very sincerely and said "Hey how come they keep saying Uncle Lou?" I told him "That's the name I chose for this guy to have!" Uncle Louie thought I must have done it in his honor because he said "Wow, I can’t believe you'd name your guy after me! That's pretty neat! Thanks!" Me, not wanting to take the air out of his sails, I didn’t have the heart to tell him it just happened to sound funny to me at the time.

R.I.P. Uncle Louie. You'll definitely be missed.

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