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Friday, March 21, 2008
Funny and true story that just happened to me.

I had to go back to work tonight at 7pm after I got to leave early for Good Friday. I had to make a DVD for a customer, and with the amount of information on the DVD, it took almost 4 hours to render and burn it. I started it at 11am, so it would be done by 3pm, which was when I was allowed to leave early for the day. As my current luck would have it, the computer rendering and burning the DVD crashed at like 2:30 with only a half hour left to go on the whole process. Short story short, I called the customer and said "Sorry for the inconvenience, but can you come by tonight around 7? The computer crashed and I have to start the whole process over again." He agreed.

Fast forward to 7pm. Edgar (the customer) comes back to get his "Horse Ranch DVD". But unfortunately, it still had about 45 minutes to go before it was done. Quick backstory on Edgar, he owns a horse ranch here in Lincoln. He breeds horses for a living. The end.

So for 45 minutes, in his Swedish accent, he told me all about horse breeding. You should thank me for sparing you the details. Anyway, during the last part of our conversation, this is what transpired:

Edgar: Yeah you have to be kind of an odd duck in order to live, breed, sell and raise horses your whole life. I understand that. I get it. I realize people probably think I'm a little weird.

Me: Naaaaah. You're normal. I had a lady who owned a horse, come in a couple weeks ago to burn a similar DVD of her horse. She was really pretty, but really really chubby, I mean really chubby, and wore really weird clothes both times she came in. The only thing she talked about the whole time she was here was her horse. Now SHE was an odd duck.

Edgar: Yeah. That's my daughter. Sarah. She's the one who told me to use this place to make my DVD.

True story. He was totally cool about it, and even agreed with me that his daughter was really really chubby. He seemed annoyed with her. I finished it up with "I did say she was really pretty though Edgar."

The end.
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