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Friday, November 28, 2008
For some reason tonight....

When I got home from my moms (after spending a few days there for Thanksgiving) I got a bright idea. I was hungry, and wanted some of that good ol' leftover turkey and mashed potatoes. But as I was getting the leftovers out of the bag I had the most RANDOM thought ever. I wondered what microwaving an old cell phone would look like. I know, not the brightest thing I've ever thought of or attempted, but still, it begged to be answered. I was really curious to see what would happen. So I made sure Kayla and Brielle were WAY out of sight and I got my old cell phone from upstairs in my drawer. Unfortunately, it was dead, so I had to wait in agony as I charged it for about a half hour to make sure it would have enough juice to stay on for a bit. After it was done charging, I whipped out my video camera and made this little video. Enjoy.

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