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Sunday, November 18, 2007
I love music.

No, not in the same way a 14 year-old girl loves Britney Spears music. I love music the same way a drug addict loves to get their next fix. (I'm assuming) To me, music can change your mood, your feelings, the pace of your day, and it can also bring back memories of the wonderful moments in your life. Have you ever allowed yourself to listen to music with nothing else going on? No TV. Not while you're running. Not while you're driving. Not because you're trying to fall asleep. Not while you're making sweet love. Have you ever just listened to music for no other reason than to listen to music? If you haven't ever done that, you should. You owe it to yourself.

For me, certain songs will always remind me of specific times in my life. Here are a few:

U Can't Touch This by MC Hammer will always remind me of my youth and living next to MC Hammer. We played football in the street with him, got to go to his video shoots, and go over his house for the Super Bowl and stuff.

Blood On The Dance Floor by Michael Jackson will always remind me of taking my brother Steve's truck to San Francisco with my girlfriend at the time and going to my first nightclub. I think I played that song like 23 times on the way there.

Stupify by Disturbed will always remind me of Christmas 2002 driving on the bay bridge on my way home from installing a phone system.

Boyz n Tha Hood by Eazy E will always remind me of when I first heard a TON of cussing in a song, then I'd go around repeating those lyrics and getting in trouble.

Those are just a few examples of what some songs remind me of. I could literally list 20 to 30 more songs and the things they remind me of, but I don't want to bore you. The point is, for me there is no stronger memory jogger than music. I know some people say that smell is the strongest sense that is attributed to memory, but I whole-heartidly disagree. Music is the soundtrack to my life. When I'm at work sitting at my desk, I literally feel like something is missing if I don't have my music on. And I don't mean missing like "Oh my music isn't on". I mean it like a part of me isn't there. Music has that much impact on me.

So I thought I'd put some links here to the songs that I'm currently listening to over and over again. Feel free to click the song title and download it yourself.

Crocodile by Underworld
Munich by Editors
Live at Dominoes by The Avalanches
You Won't Know by Brand New
Eminence Front by The Who
I get It by Chevelle
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