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Saturday, November 03, 2007
Condo is a no go.

So, we looked at that condo today. And on our way home we decided not to get it. Here is a list of the reasons why. For starters, it's really small. About 1100 square feet. The house we live in right now is 1700, and we just added another baby. So the size is the major concern. The other things we weren't happy with are:

1. No front or back yard.
2. No place to play outside except for the little tiny swing and slide.
3. The dogs would have nowhere to play. They'd be in the house all the time. They're Australian Shepherds and really energetic, so that would be bad. Plus, right now we let them go to the bathroom on the lawn and we clean it once or twice a week. At the condo we'd have to walk them to God knows where, and clean it up every time. Not fun.
4. There's a huge marsh/pond in the middle of the property that isn't fenced off. Kayla or Brielle could walk right into it. No thanks.
5. We weren't thrilled with having to make sure our music and movies were turned down really low at 10pm.
6. We weren't thrilled with having people live above, below and on the sides of us. No privacy.
7. No garage.
8. Only one guaranteed parking spot. So one of us would be trying to find a close spot every night.
9. The neighborhood isn't that great.
10. There was only one more 1st floor condo left. And to have an 18 month old and a one month old to carry up stairs all the time would suck. So would moving into a 2nd or 3rd floor house. No elevators.

The end. The search continues.

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