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Thursday, November 01, 2007
Quick stuff....

1. I was just writing a friend an email, and I said something I think is pretty telling/funny. So I'm going to share with my huge reader base. (Huge as in my mom, wife, a couple people from church, and a few people I pay to visit the site). For the first time in my life, the messes all over my house aren't mine. Kayla is a terror. EVERY SINGLE room she goes into, she will grab EVERYTHING at her level, look at it, and toss it. There are more DVD's on the floor in my office right now than in the actual rack.

2. Facebook is cool. I just added quite a few people to my friend list that A) aren't on myspace and B) I haven't talked to in ages. Turns out Nicki's cousin in Palo Alto hangs out with the girl from my class at Mission that beat me out for Senior class president. Small world.

3. I picked up Kayla so many times one armed last night (because I was holding Brielle in the other arm) that I tweaked some sort of mid back muscle on my left side. I feel like I had a stroke on my left side. Maybe I'll start slurring my speech and shitting myself so I can REALLY get some attention.

4. I'm pretty sure tonight was the last night my church will have brought food to us. It's been a good 18 days. With a new hot meal being delivered every other day. Thank you Crossroads church. And might I add that I'm a VERY picky eater but every meal delivered was something I liked. Way to go team. But I can only repay you in shout outs. Sorry.

5. I'm about an hour away in terms of playing time of achieving "Captain" in Halo 3. Once I get there, I think I'm going to slowly start playing Halo 3 so much. Maybe not though. It's entirely up to me because I'm a grown man! You hear that Nicki!? I'M A GROWN MAN.

6. We're going to look at a condo this weekend in Sacramento. 3 bedrooms, two bathrooms. Brand new development in Antelope. The kicker? $100 a month for two years. Don't believe me? Too good to be true? Must be a catch?? Go look for yourself.
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