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Thursday, June 26, 2008
It's happening.

I mean, it was pretty much inevitable anyway, right? And I guess it really started on her birthday when she got a huge Princess Castle. Actually wait, that's not true either. I guess it REALLY started about 6 months ago when Kayla started playing with "Deetoo". Deetoo being my 2 foot high R2D2 robot that listens to voice commands. Then on her birthday when she got her princess castle, I noticed that it only came with about 5 "guys". So I did what any loving father would do, and I gave Kayla all 100 or so loose Star Wars "guys" to put in her castle as well. About a week later, Kayla had started to recognize who they were, and call them out by name. "Tewbacca" "Princess" "Varvf Vader" "Detoo" and "Yucky poo poos" (A stormtrooper covered in sand and mud). It was really funny watching her separate all of the "guys" into MEAN and NICE piles. She actually did a pretty good job on getting it right too, except she put Chewbacca in the mean pile every time. As the weeks went on, she started noticing all of the Star Wars toys and posters in my office upstairs and asking me "a daaah?" (meaning who's that?) Well this week, Kayla found my collection of Star Wars DVD's in my office, and wanted to watch Episode 1.

I was pretty excited about this turn of events, but I was a little hesitant as well, because Episode 1 doesn't have a lot of the characters that Kayla had been getting to know in playing with her "guys". And sure enough, about 20 minutes into Episode 1, she got bored of it and asked me to put in Shrek. Instead however, I put in the original Star Wars, and she was HOOKED. One of the very first scenes has R2D2, and from there Darth Vader and Princess Leia follow shortly after. Long story short, since Monday, I'd say we've watched "Tar Wars" about 5 times. Which is FINE BY ME.
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