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Sunday, June 15, 2008
(I've posted something else today below this, so make sure to read that too.)

37 reasons I love being a father:

1. The way Kayla says "love". "Luf".
2. When Kayla just randomly comes over to me and kisses me on the cheek.
3. When Kayla says "I luf you daddy". ESPECIALLY when it's out of the blue.
4. How Brielle smiles.
5. Brielle's soft skin. Especially on her back.
6. The way Kayla says "Pocahontas" and "Chewbacca".
7. The way Kayla and Brielle their eyes when they're tired.
8. The way Kayla and Brielle rub their eyes when they get up.
9. When I go to get Brielle out of the crib and she's either standing or sitting, playing with something.
10. Spying on Kayla when she's supposed to be in her bed sleeping, but she's playing with her "printsess cassole" instead.
11. After a shower when Kayla says "Hold me daddy."
12. When Brielle falls asleep on me.
13. That at 6 months, both Kayla and Brielle started crawling all over the place, keeping me on my toes.
14. They way Nicki dresses them WHENEVER we leave the house. Whether it's to go to Wal-Mart (sorry Dana) or to a family event. They ALWAYS look like 9 million dollars. As opposed to when I have them for the day, they leave the house looking they just rolled out of bed and that a color blind with no fashion sense man dressed them.
15. When Kayla gets up in the morning or from a nap and comes downstairs by herself.
16. That Kayla at 2 years old can pretty much name every single Disney character.
17. How Kayla prays.
18. How whenever Kayla wants either her sippy cup or pacifier, she says "my my my my my" preceeding it. "my my my my my apple juce".
19. That no matter what liquid (besides water) is in Kayla's sippy cup, she calls it "apple juice".
20. That Kayla hates water and calls it "yucky wah wah".
21. When Brielle grabs something she ALWAYS puts it in her mouth. No matter WHAT it is.
22. When Kayla gets up from a nap or in the morning the first thing she does is turn her little CD player on as LOUD as it goes. It could be 8am, it could be 5:45am (like last week). It doesn't matter. She just needs her music on.
23. What names Kayla has given the names of all of her favorite Disney (and not Disney) movies. A few of the best examples are "Buzz", "Inc", "Rowrrr", "Ice", "Sssss-hurrek" and "Meeeemo".
24. How Kayla and Brielle smell after a bath or shower.
25. How Kayla refers to a bath as "pink bubbles".
26. How Kayla looks forward to Brielle going to bed because she gets "big girl play time".
27. When I get to spend time alone with Brielle when Kayla is asleep.
28. When we go for a walk and Kayla gets tired of being in the stroller and says "walk daddy". Then when she gets tired of walking, she says "this one daddy" as she points to the stroller.
29. When Brielle uses the dogs to stand herself up.
30. When I put Kayla to bed she says "rub a back daddy" and lifts up the back of her shirt for me to rub it.
31. When Kayla acts like Nicki and says "pop daddy". Then I lay down and Kayla does Chiropractic on me.
32. How Brielle's face lights up when she eats ice cream.
33. How Brielle looks at Nicki when she's breast feeding.
34. Brielle's baby breath.
35. When I'm driving and put my arm in the backseat and Kayla or Brielle grabs my hand.
36. When I trick Kayla into kissing me by saying "uh oh, I hurt this one" and point somewhere on my body, then Kayla kisses it.
37. That I have two beautiful, happy, smart, and healthy baby girls.
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