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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sometimes when I'm playing Bejeweled 2, I pretend it's being broadcast on ESPN 7, much like another non-sport, poker, is broadcast on ESPN 2. Here are some of the things I imagine the announcer saying:

"He is playing with TREMENDOUS stamina".

"He's playing WITHOUT a "go=to" move Jim! Reckless abandon! This CANNOT end well!"
(See the 3 red cubes on the bottom left of the screen grab? See how it's at the very bottom of the board, thus leaving me free to do anything else I want to with the rest of the board? Well, that's what I call a "go-to" move, because I only use it as a last resort if I have no more moves left.)

"We haven't seen a marathon like this in ages. Not since Randy Norton in '97"

"At some point he's got to make a mistake. He's been playing too smart a game."

"All he needs is that green jewel to fall one place and he'll have a HYPER CUBE!"

Anyway, those are some of the things I pretend I hear when I'm playing Bejeweled 2. In other news, the Burger King near my house says "Try a BK Wrapper for $1.39". Except they forgot to put the dot in the price, so it reads "Try a BK Wrapper for $139". I went there with my brother tonight and said "I don't care HOW good it is, there's NO way I'm paying $139 for a BK Wrapper".
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