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Friday, August 19, 2005

guy standing behind me at the traffic court today,

You touched me 7 times. The first time, you stepped on the back of my foot. I was wearing sandles today, so that was extra special. You bumped into me a few more times, and by the time it got to 3, I started keeping count. In the 20 minutes we stood in line, you touched me 7 times. The most "special" however, was when you put your hand on the rail behind me, simultaneously rubbing your hand against my low back. Also, I really enjoyed listening to you tell your traffic story 4 differnt times to people in line. By the way, not one time did you say sorry.

lady driving in front of me on your cell phone,

Do you know that green lights mean keep going?? I don't think that you do! Because we went through 3 different sets of signal lights together, with me behind you and you applied your breaks at EVERY single one of them. I would have went around you, but the lady driving the utility van next to you apparently set her cruise control to match your exact speed. I wish I had bamboo shoots to stick up my fingernails during our drive today because I think that would have been less stressful and infuriating.

Your friend,

Ricky Borba
posted by Ricky @ 8:35 PM  
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