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Thursday, April 27, 2006
Dear guys from the roofing company that I played softball for the second time with tonight...

Sorry I sucked. I'm sorry I mis-judged every single fly ball that was hit my way. I havent' played since high school, and even in high school I never played the outfield. (And before Matt and Mike call me a liar, I am talking about freshman year when I was still playing little league) I was a pitcher and played first base. So again, I'm sorry. I know you guys were short some players, but I'm sure you would have done better without me. Thanks for pulling me out of the game entirely in the 5th inning though, even though we were still short a player. That made me feel great. Don't worry though, because my wife is pregnant and I probably won't be playing again with you guys. Have a good one.
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