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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My life-threatening experience at Taco Bell last night...

Here's the normal transaction that happens when I go to Taco Bell:

Taco Bell Guy: Hi can I take your order please?
Me: Yeah I'll have a taco, a burrito and a medium Mountain Dew.
TBG: Is that all?
Me: Yeah.
TBG: That'll be $4.23.
Me: Great. (Hand over my debit card)
TBG: Thanks. You're order number is 187.
I grab my food moments later. The end.

Here's what happened last night at 6:19PM, that resulted in me placing a call to 1-800-Taco-Bell to report it. (I've never ever done that sort of thing, so I felt like a whistle blower. But whatever)

And in order for you to REALLY understand the absurdity and ridiculousness of this story, please keep in mind that I was holding my 17-month old daughter Kayla in my arm the ENTIRE time.

Gabrial, the Taco Bell Guy: (Says nothing. Just looks at me and waits for me to start ordering)

Me: Hi. I'd like a double decker taco. A taco supreme. A combo burrito without sauce or...

Gabrial: (Cutting me off. Turns around and starts yelling at the 50 year-old asian female co-worker making all of the food) I don't even know how to take stuff off a burrito! Where's the remove button?! (He then looks back at me)

Me: A 7-layer burrito, (then I look up at the menu at the Nacho's Bell Grande picture)(I was ordering for Nicki and I, that's why it was so much food). And Nacho's Bell Grande, but all I want is beans, meat and cheese on them.

Gabrial: Man I don't even know what comes ON Nacho's Bell Grande. How do you expect me to know what to take off?

Me: (Looking at the picture again) I think all you have to take off is the sour cream and tomatoes.

Gabrial: (Turns around again to yell at his co-worker again about having to remove something from an item.) Is that it?

Me: Yeah, I think so. Hey Gabrial, are you having a bad day buddy? I'm in no rush. Just take your time.

Gabrial:That'll be $9.52.

I hand him my card. He runs it through the card swiper then asks to see my I.D. So I take it out and hand it to him. He looks at it for about 10 seconds then literally throws it at me.

Gabrial: That ain't no real ID. Your picture is too big. I KNOW what ID's look like, that's fake man.

Me: Are you serious right now? That's real. Trust me.

Gabrial: No it ain't.

(The manager then comes over and verifies it's real. Then she tells Gabrial it's real. At that same moment, my receipt prints, completing my transaction. Gabrial hands me my receipt and says

Gabrial: Yeah that's what I thought. (As he's looking at me like he wants to throw down)

So I stared at him for a bit and shook my head. Then the lady handed me my food.


The end.

So I drove home, almost laughing because of how ridiculous he was. But at the same time thinking about how I could have lunged over the counter, kicked him in the face, then poured cheese, guacamole, sour cream and hot sauce all over his face while I continued to pummel him. Moral of the story, if you're going to the Taco Bell on Driscoll in Fremont, be careful.

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