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Friday, June 27, 2008
I got ending B on Metal Gear Solid 4.

Meryl and Akiba just exchanged vows and everyone is clapping. All of a sudden shots ring out from a 4-door Sedan, and Campbell is hit in the stomach twice. Snake goes over to check his status, and Roy Campbell dies in his arms. Meryl and Mei Ling start crying, and Snake screams "ROOOOOOOOOOOY"! Immediately following that cut scene, Snake gets in the Drebin-mobile with Little Jacob, and they pursue Pegorino down the runway. The hard part was eluding the gekko cars when I got to four stars. Anyway, Snake and Little Jacob get to Pegorino's safe house and a huge firefight ensues. Just when Snake is about to take one in the temple from Pegorino, Raiden appears from nowhere, with his sword sticking out of mouth again, and starts mumbling something to Snake. Snake says "huh?" and Raiden drops the sword from his mouth, grabs it with his ninja turtle foot, and slice Pegorino in half.

Then Metal Gear Roy (Roy Campbell was turned into a Metal Gear while all this was happening. Nanomachines. Don't ask.) comes and gives everyone a ride home.
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