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Monday, July 07, 2008
Finally after almost 5 weeks...

The downloading of all 6 Star Wars movies in HD is COMPLETE. Talk about patience. I checked in on it (the download) about two to three times a day. It went at a snails pace. Normally, it would have only taken about 3 days, but since everyone sharing the files had their sharing set to the lowest possible speed allowed, it was sloooooooooooooooow. Finally though, sometime around 3am Sunday morning, all of my hard work paid off. So yesterday evening after Nicki's family left (it's Nicki's 30th birthday today, so they were here celebrating) I downloaded all 6 of the films to my Playstation 3, and watched a little bit of all of them.

The best way I can describe my experience is like this, it was like I was watching Star Wars for the first time. I saw things that I'd never seen before. Literally. People standing in the background, an earring on the Rancor monster, the actual contour of Carrie Fisher's hand when it was zoomed in on. It was incredible. Star Wars has NEVER looked or sounded so good. There's absolutely no substitute for watching a movie in HD. None. The best thing is, Kayla loves it too. She watched about half of Return of the Jedi last night. Twas neat-o.

In other news, it's hot as hell here in Lincoln. Probably like 105 today. Tomorrow it's supposed to be 108, and Wednesday it's supposed to be 111. Right now it's 90 in our house. It would take like 3 hours to cool it down, and then as soon as we turned off the AC we'd it'd got hot again anyway. Not worth it. So we just keep the fan on and stay downstairs.

Brielle is great. She's acting as if nothing ever happened. She's now known as "Danger Baby". Thank you everyone who prayed for her. It helped.

Now I just need to find a job....again.
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