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Thursday, January 17, 2008
It's like I never left...

I'll be in the bay area tomorrow. Specifically San Francisco. Even more specifically, Angel Island. The new company I work for has an opportunity to produce an audio walkthrough for Angel Island. It's for when someone who is visiting the island can purchase and put on some headphones to hear me guide them on a walkthrough of the island. Think of it, Ricky Borba, the voice of Angel Island. Alcatraz does the same thing. Minus the fact that you don't get beat in the shower and forced to make love to other men unwillingly. (And I don't do the voice) But I'm not a huge fan of traveling, even if it's only 2 hours away. I just like being and staying local. Don't hassle me.

Right now I'm listening to some pretty cool music on dirtyradio. I love the band Underworld, and they created this station. I wouldn't really even know how to describe it. All the music is stuff I've never heard before, but I am constantly writing down names of artists and song names. You should give it a listen here. Just click the "listen in" link at the top, and it should open whatever program you have on your system that plays that type of music stream. Usually Windows Media Player or Winamp.

In other news, they're opening a gym right across the street from our office here in Lincoln. (Rocklin, really) And since we installed all of their AV stuff, I'm almost positive we get free memberships. That's going to be awesome. There's never been a better scenario for me to workout and get in shape, then having a gym right across the street from my office. Too bad they don't have a pool, or else I'd live there. Instead of in your dreams ladies.

I think that's it for now.
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