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Friday, December 24, 2010
The 2010 Annual BorbAwards (That headline is supposed be unintelligent sounding, btw)

Every year around this time (for the last 3 years actually, not every year) I blog about the year that was. So without further ado, here it is:

Favorite Movies of 2010:
Tron Legacy
The Book of Eli
MacGruber (Yup, I said it)
The A-Team
Knight and Day
Get Him to the Greek
The Other Guys
The Town
The Social Network
Due Date
The Fighter
Tron: Legacy

Least Favorite Movies of 2010:
True Grit
Alice in Wonderland
Gentleman Broncos
Nightmare on Elm Street
Shrek Forever After
Dinner for Schmucks
The American
Iron Man 2

Movies I didn't care about either way:
The Expendables
Casino Jack
Cop Out
The Wolfman
Edge of Darkness
Shutter Island
Brooklyn's Finest
Clash of the Titans

Movies you'd expect me to have watched, but I skipped because I knew they'd suck:
Little Fockers
Prince of Persia: Sand of Time
Repo Men
Robin Hood
Wall Street 2
Gulliver's Travels

Movies from 2010 that I am still looking forward to seeing:
It's Kind of a Funny Story

Movies from 2010 that I downloaded but never watched:
Grown Ups
The Lovely Bones
The Messenger
Green Zone
The Losers

Movies everyone else seemed to like but I didn't.
Toy Story 3

Best albums of 2010:
Underworld: Barking
The Chemical Brothers: Further
Mumford and Sons: Sigh No More
The Temper Trap: Conditions (Released in 2009 but no one knew about it)
Jimmy Eat World: Invented
Deftones: Diamond Eyes
Deadmau5: 4x4=12
Faithless: The Dance
Tiesto: Kaleidoscope
Bonobo: Black Sands
John Mayer: Battle Studies
Tron Legacy Soundtrack
Kings of Leon: Come Around Sundown

Worst Album of 2010:
Linkin Park: A Thousand Suns

Album that was supposed to come out in 2010 that will never see the light of day:
Limp Bizkit: The Gold Cobra

Best Songs of 2010:
Linkin Park - The Catalyst (This song gave me such HIGH hopes for the album)
Underworld - Always Loved a Film, Scribble, Diamond Jigsaw
Daft Punk: The Game Has Changed
Mumford and Sons - Little Lion Man, White Blank Page
Deadmau5 - Sofi Needs a Ladder
John Mayer - Heartbreak Warfare
Temper Trap - Fader
Phoenix - 1901
Kings of Leon - The End
Dr. Dre - Kush
Kanye West - Lost in the World
Michael Jackson - Hold My Hand
Newsboys - Born Again
John Legend- Hard Times
Jamie Foxx - Winner
MGMT - Electric Feel (Justice Remix)

Best Video Games of 2010:
Fallout: New Vegas
DJ Hero: 2
Red Dead Redemption
Bioshock 2
Mass Effect 2
Words With Friends

Video Game I desperately wanted to be better and longer, but didn't necessarily suck:
The Force Unleashed

Video Game people loved that I could not stand:
Alan Wake

Game I bought because everyone else did but I'm not a huge fan of and didn't care for either way:
Call of Duty: Black Ops

Game I bought that no one else did but didn't end up caring either way for it:
The Saboteur

Favorite iPhone Apps:
Hey Tell
Inception Dream App

Favorite Preaching Experience:
One Life Church - 2nd Sunday of Advent

Last year I ran 280 miles from May through December:
This year I ran about 10

Favorite Purchase of 2010:
iPhone 4 from Radio Shack for $63

Least Favorite Purchase of 2010:
Nicki's Knee Surgery
Nicki's Mouth Surgery

Most Surprising Event:
Kayla freezing up on stage during her performance, considering how vocal and energetic she is.

Biggest Disappointment:
The 2010 San Francisco 49ers

Best 5 Hour Period Spent with Nicki:
Spookfest 2010 at the Cow Palace

Biggest Surprise:
Finishing the Oakland Half Marathon in 2:04 and not walking for one step

Biggest Accomplishment:
Graduating College with a Double Major

Biggest Mystery:
What exactly I'm supposed to do with that degree
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