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Friday, October 31, 2008
I turned in my application today...

Application for what, you ask? My application to go on a mission trip to Africa this summer. I know I know. I never thought I'd go on a mission either, but when I heard and saw the presentation a few weeks ago, I was so moved by it, that it literally brought me to tears. It's a 3 week mission, and I'm going to need to raise about $3000 in order to be able to go, but I really feel called to do this and know that it won't be a problem.

Now I have to go find my passport, get about 2356 shots, start working out, eating right, mastering martial arts, vote on Tuesday, shampoo my carpets, finish that novel I started, learn how to spontaneously combust, find an alternative to oxygen and learn the calypso.

After I get those few things done, I'll be ready.
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Monday, October 27, 2008
I wonder why Hollywood secret agents all have the same initials, JB?

Jack Bauer, James Bond, Jason Bourne.
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Saturday, October 25, 2008
Tonight was my first "Daddy Daughter Date"

Nicki was gone all day to help our friends setup for a wedding, so I had Kayla all day because Brielle was at grandma and grandpa's. (I take no responsibility for my grammar or sentence structure right now, it's 12:30 and I'm really tired) Anyway, after Kayla got up from her nap, she was hungry. And since it was around 5pm, I figured it'd be ok to act like a senior citizen, and have dinner before 5. So we went to a pizza/pasta place and had dinner together. I'd been waiting for that my whole life, to have my child and I have dinner alone together. And it was every bit as special as I thought it would be.

I felt really blessed to be sitting next to Kayla, watching her color, then eat. I just held her little hand and told her how much daddy loved her and that I was proud to be her father. I know she doesn't understand all of that, but I think she could probably grasp that what I said was loving. It was a special moment for me. I wish I could put it into words better right now, but like I said, I'm tired. I will tell you that true to form, my girl ate like a bird on our first date. She hardly touched her dinner.

After we ate, we walked a few stores down and had some ice cream together. It was fun. She's a lot like me in that she has a very outgoing personality and will just start telling people random things. Tonight she started telling the ice cream lady what her favorite flavors were. The lady thought it was funny, and so did the other guy that worked there.

Then as we were walking back to the car I spotted the biggest Praying Mantis I've ever seen. It was on the concrete in the parking lot next to my car. Kayla noticed it too and bent down to examine it. She ALMOST touched it, but she wouldn't bring herself fully. She said "Daddy that's a mean one". I didn't disagree, even though I honestly know nothing about them. It did look pretty rough and tough. So we just left it.

Once we got home all she wanted to do was eat. Go figure.
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Friday, October 17, 2008
That's right Matt Stairs, there really IS NO better feeling.

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Monday, October 13, 2008
Minimega Update

Hi everyone. From what I gather, there are about 60 of you that read this website daily. That makes me happy. Like a kid in a candy store with an empty bag. I'm also just happy in general lately. I told a friend of mine a few weeks ago that I don't think I've ever been happier than I am right now. Things are good.

School is such an incredible gift. I'm learning a ton, every day. I appreciate school this time around. When I had just graduated high school and went to junior college, I felt like I just went to high school 2.0. I just did it because everyone else did. And then when I went to art school about 5 years ago, it was apparent that I was not going to have a successful career in that field. Now that I'm 30, with two kids and a little more mature, (I said a little) I think I'm more appreciative of school. I don't sit in class and play on the internet like 85% of the other people do, I don't bitch and moan when I get a test back and It's a "B" instead of an "A", and I don't get complain about homework and classwork. I'm trying to look at school as a way to learn, not just a bunch of work to hurry and get through so I can graduate.

Brielle's 1st birthday was Sunday. We had the party Saturday. It's crazy to think that that little baby was born a year ago with Jaundice, making Nicki and I worried and upset for 5 days. Now, she's earned the nickname "Danger Baby". She climbs on EVERYTHING, gets into EVERYTHING, puts EVERYTHING in her mouth, and generally does an excellent job at doing the exact opposite of what you would consider safe for a 1 year old. For Halloween Kayla is going to be Ariel, and Nicki is making Brielle a superhero costume. DANGER BABY.

Despite having Thursday and Friday off from school last week, I feel like I had an extremely busy and unrelaxing time. I wrote two 7 page term papers, took a take-home midterm test, and helped put together Brielle's party on Saturday. Sunday we all woke up early at my moms, went to a gigantic pumpkin patch/theme park for 3 hours, then I went and had Carls Jr. with my dear/close/dare I say amazing/wonderful friend Dana Clemens. It was nice to see her. She lives in Long Beach, so we only see each other about twice a year, if that. I had a Western Bacon burger, she had a Famous Star. It was nice. The three of us. Oh what? You didn't realize that Bonnie the cashier was totally infatuated with us? It took us twice as long to answer all of her questions than it did to order. Here's a snippet:

Bonnie: Will this be for here or to go?

Me(looking at Dana): Um, here? (Dana nods) Here please.

Bonnie: That's weird.

Me: ......

Bonnie: Where are you guys from?(I then explain that Dana is from down south, and I'm from Sacramento. In retrospect, this probably really confused Bonnie)

Bonnie: So are you driving down there today? (To the both of us)

Me: No, she's leaving for Long Beach right after we're done eating, and I'll be heading back to Sacramento.

Bonnie then gave us a look of bewilderment/disapproval. After about 7 seconds of that, she just turned around and walked away. Seriously.

My flag football team ended up going 0-7. We played with a lot of heart though. (Ok, not all the time, and not everyone at all times.) I was going to sign up for the new season, but a few key guys called and said they weren't going to be able to play this time out. So I decided to wait until the next season starts, sometime in January I believe. I had a lot of fun. It was well worth the $45 and the frustration that followed.

I'm marrying some good friends of ours in two weeks. I'm excited. Should be fun. I've been given their blessing to "be myself" and "make it fun". I just might show up to marry them in full on scuba gear.
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Wednesday, October 08, 2008


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Tuesday, October 07, 2008
There is no justice in the world. I mean COB on.

GREAT BEND, Kan. - A Kansas man whose girlfriend was physically stuck to the toilet in their home has won $20,000 in the state Lottery, for the second time this year.

Kory McFarren cashed in his winning $2 Bonus Crossword ticket in Great Bend Monday. On July 29, the 37-year-old received six months of probation after pleading no contest to misdemeanor mistreatment of a dependent adult.

McFarren called deputies in February to report that his girlfriend, Pam Babcock, had refused to come out of the bathroom for two years. Authorities found her stuck to the toilet.

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Sunday, October 05, 2008
(Don't forget about the games I watch on my actual TV too)

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