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Monday, May 30, 2005
having no job...

is awesome for two reasons;
1. it makes you feel completely worthless that you have skills that no one wants, and
2. you have no money coming in, so you can't afford anything.

now i trust god 100%. i know he has plans for me. it's just the time inbetween that makes things really tough. i'm just sick of taking band aid jobs that i hate, in order to get by. i want a career. i want to wake up every morning looking forward to go to work. entertaining people is what makes me tick. i want a job in front of the camera and behind it. that's what i feel god made me to do. even if i won the lottery i'd still want to work till the day i die entertaining people. im good at it. no....im great at it. keep me in your prayers to find a career, not just a job. that is all for now.
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Sunday, May 29, 2005
formal apology.....

to my cousin keven crabb. last night at my cousin kim's wedding, i sneakingly put the camera in front of his face and took a picture . the funny part was that the flash would go off two inches from his eyes. he got all mad and started crying, then he raised his hand and waited for the waiter to come to his table. then he told the waiter that i was quote, a "mean man" and asked that i be removed. well, that didn't happen because the waiter was an old war veteran that served with me in nam'. we laughed at kev and called him a "draft dodger", among other names. then kev said "i wasn't even alive during the vietnam war you idiots." then i realized that i was actually underwater on a scuba dive and that my oxygen was being cut off and i had been imagining everything.
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Friday, May 27, 2005
from the department of redudancy department...

This really really bugs me. I hate it when commercials say something is "on sale". like "this memorial day everything in the store is on sale!" Really?? It's on sale?! WOW! That must mean that if I would have went in yesterday you wouldn't have sold it to me because it wasn't on sale!

For some reason I just really hate that phrase. I know that if a store sells something, it's "for sale". But, that automatically puts it "on sale" too. I think these places don't even lower the prices when they have a "memorial day sale". Because I'm pretty sure you had a "weekend of may 21st and 22nd" sale last week too. That phrase should be banned.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

that's what the fan film "troops 2"...or "i.m.p.s. the relentless" as it was renamed was. horrible. what a piece of shit. troops 1 came out six years ago, and it was a mockumentary of stormtroopers on tatooine done "cops" style. troops 2 wasn't even done by the same guy. and that's the reason it sucked. don't bother with it.
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new clone trooper bob up! #4

btw, CloneTrooper Bob (or CTB for short) is a comic strip. I don't know that I've clearly conveyed that in the past. Click on his picture to see the latest, or on the CTB button to the left.
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just rode 11 miles in 30 minutes with sweatpants and a sweater on. thanks to mike ward, my right hip has been bothering me lately, so im not going to run on it every morning. besides, i sweat twice as much when i ride the bike than when i run. that is all for now.
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Tuesday, May 24, 2005
they could have at least spelled my name right....

Dear Richy Borba
We are sorry to say that the position is not fit for you. However, we are sure there will be another hosts and talents position in near future, and want to keep your file if you don't mind.We really appreciate for your interest and auditioning.
Thank you.
WTV Cast Dept.
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Sunday, May 22, 2005
Revenge for the 5th and 6th times.

Saw it twice this weekend, bringing my grand total to 6. I think I'm done now.
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Saturday, May 21, 2005
Cool trailer combining all 3 of the prequels...

It's only going to take 2 minutes and 41 seconds to make you a fan of the prequels. Click the pictures of the posters above to watch the trailer.
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Has it ever occured to you......

That everyone thinks their kids/grandkids are the smartest and the cutest? Everytime I hear some parent or grandparent talk about their kid, it's always "They are sooooooooo smart for their age", or "I'm not saying this because I'm the parent/grandparent, but he/she is practically the cutest kid I've ever seen."

KNOCK IT OFF PEOPLE! No, they aren't the smartest, or the cutest. The only person I would even consider hearing their opinion on that subject would be a pre-school teacher or someone like that who sees a lot of different children everyday. Please put a stop to it already. It sickens me.

I happen to know all of this because I actually am the smartest and cutest. Go ask my mom if you don't believe me.
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Friday, May 20, 2005
XBOX upgrade...

For $2.16 I improved my XBOX's performance and speed by 27% by replacing the old ATA cable (the cable that goes from the hard drive to the dvd-rom) with a better one. How's that for a "bang-for-your-buck" ratio?!?!
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The Oakland A's....

Dear Billy Beane,

It's not working. Watching the A's this year, I've come to the realization that I have repeatedly set myself up for dissapointment every year. You came to the Oakland A's organization in 1998 when we flat out stunk it up on the field. In 1997, we finished 65-97. Things could only go up. During the next three years, we went from worst to first. I remember seeing billboards around the bay area whose basic campaign could be summed up in one very clever billboard I saw that year "These guys are so young, they still run to first after being thrown out". It seemed like you knew what you were doing. I was excited to see a bunch of young, unknown guys come up and bring us a Championship or two. Or three. But it never happened. And now, I'm watching a bunch of young-unknown guys again 4 years later, while all of the guys that we watched become all-stars while playing for us, have gone on.

I've told my friends that I think the new Oakland Athletics slogan should be "Thanks for becoming an all-star while playing for us, now get the hell out of here". I haven't read "Moneyball". Nor do I want to. There had to have been a way to keep a few more of our superstars here, rather than running them off for more unknown and unproven talent. Lets just look at a few of the names we've had here the last 4 years, that you decided not to make offers to, or traded away. It's an all-star team in and of itself. Jason Giambi 1B, MVP. Miguel Tejada SS, MVP. Mark Mulder P, All-Star. Tim Hudson P, All-Star. Ramon Hernandez P, All Star. Johnny Damon CF, All-Star. Ray Durham CF, All-Star. And there are quite a few other guys like Jose Guillen and Mark Bellhorn that have become stars after they left Oakland.

The guys you've chosen to replace those players with, guys like Erubiel Durazo, Damien Miller, Chris Singleton, Terrance Long, Danny Haren, Joe Blanton, and Kiko Calero haven't exactly been adequate. Having said that, there is no excuse for letting Miguel Tejada go. He was an MVP, and more importantly a catalyst for the entire team. He inspired the other players to go all out, put butts in the seats, and rode the team on his back. And now he's arguably the best player in the game. It was a slap in his face to flat out say "We are not going to make him an offer at the end of the year". That was low. I'd rather have one Miguel Tejada than an entire team of anyone else we've acquired since he left.

The way you are doing things isn't working. We've have not been out of the first round of the playoffs since you've been here. We didn't make the playoffs last year. Since you let pitching coach Rick Peterson go, our team ERA has gone up every year. Barry Zito hasn't been good since Rick Peterson was here.

Maybe you need to re-evaluate your philosophy. Spend a little more money. Take some financial risks. Go after some big name free agents in the off-season. ANYTHING! I know that the chances you read this are slim to none, but I felt like I needed to get that off my chest.
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For those of you keeping score....

Saw Revenge of The Sith today with my wife. That makes 4 times now. I catch more story and plot every time. Great movie. Solid #3 in my Star Wars ranks. Return of the Jedi, Empire Strikes Back and now Revenge of The Sith. Love it.
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I'm starting to get antsy. The show I auditioned for on Tuesday said they'd call me in 4 days. Now technically 4 days from Tuesday is Saturday, but I think they meant 4 days including Tuesday. Which would mean today. <----------- Fragment, consider revising.
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What I've been up to the last 24 years or so....

This is me, at age 3....

And this is me at age 27...........
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Thursday, May 19, 2005
My 3rd Sith Viewing

I watched it again tonight with my mom, her husband and my sister Amy Borba from Fidelity National Title. This time I was a wreck. I cried more this time than I did at the previous two put together. There's just something about knowing this is the last Star Wars film, and then watching Jedi get killed by the same guys they'd been fighting side by side with. Damn you Commander Cody. Also this time, Natalie Portman's performance seemed a lot more tear jerking than the previous two viewings. I guess after watching it 3 times now, my one gripe would be that I wish there was more heart-breaking dialogue between Obi-Wan and Anakin during the epic duel at the end. I'm pretty sure if there had been, I would have probably fell on the sticky, dirty, disgusting floor at my seat in the theatre and curled up in the fetal position. Well done George, well done
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I feel like I need to write a review of Revenge of the Sith. I'm not.

I loved it. It took me back to being 7 again, watching Return of the Jedi with my friend Marcus Webb. Thats my first Star Wars theater memory. And now after seeing ROTS the second time I liked it even more the than I did the first. It was just overwhelming the first time with George in the theater and being around all of that. This time I was able to enjoy and focus on the movie. Sure it's got stuff that I wish were different. But who gives a *&$# what I think?! I'm some guy from Fremont California. Go see it yourself. It deserves to be watched on the big screen. It's really cool. Full of Star Warsy stuff. Nay sayers pick apart dialogue, and stuff they think that they think George should have done. Whatever.

P.S. The Giants are losing right now. Ha ha.
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Just got back from the midnite showing of Episode III. Even better the second time!
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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

I hate you.
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Allergies Suck.

God's funny. I have had extremely bad allergies all day today. I mean really bad. Non-stop runny nose. And boy is it tired. I had an audition at 3pm for a tv show. I prayed my butt off all afternoon that my allergies would go away during my audition so I wouldn't sound like a jackass. And wouldn't you know, they were gone during those 20-minutes that I read copy in front of the camera for the producers. Thanks God, I owe you one.

So keep me in your prayers because I'd love to get back on t.v.
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Monday, May 16, 2005

New CTB up! Short n' sweet!
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1. If you type my name into google, my website is now the number one return!!!!! Go ahead, see what happens!

2. New forum topic! Clone Trooper Bob! Register for the forums, leave comments/feedback/suggestions! Now!
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Just ran 3 miles. I'm a little sweaty. And don't get me wrong either. I hate to run. I've never felt the "runners high". That's lame. I just do it so I don't get too out of shape. I hate it.
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Friday, May 13, 2005
This is nuts! So many people have written me about my story. Maybe I'll put some really good quotes from them up. Also, please email me with comments and suggestions about the rest of the site. I'd really like to know what you all think of it, and especially Clone Trooper Bob. Also, make sure you click on one of the "Fett" pictures in the left frame to see a special intro by the actor! Thanks again everyone! MTFBWY!

6:50 p.m. California time update: I think that another part of the world just woke up as my website just got a huge spike in visitors the last hour. HELLO EVERYONE!
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TheForce.net ran with my story of meeting George Lucas too! Wow, this is amazing!! Welcome everyone!! Enjoy my website, click around!!!

And just in case anyone from "the industry" is reading this: I am trying to get my big break, and would love to be given an opportunity to audition and showcase my acting talent! Especially, but not limited to the new Star Wars t.v. show...obviously. :)

P.S. Had to take the webcam down again. Sorry. But Google News and scifiguys.com ran with my story too! So if I expect to have this website up and running for everyone who is on it now, and about to see it I had to save the banwidth. It'll be up again later. Thanks to everyone who has written me!! WOW!
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Thursday, May 12, 2005

New Clonetrooper Bob up! Best one yet!
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WOW! I got my review of ROTS posted on rebelscum!! So unfortunately I am going to turn off my webcam for right now because the more people viewing my website, the more banwidth it consumes. I'll put it back on later this afternoon! Thanks to everyone who read my review and liked it!! Stick around and check out the rest of my website.
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Wednesday, May 11, 2005
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Okay, I'm going to go run 3 miles now. Enjoy these "hilarious sports bloopers" in the meantime.
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Saturday, May 07, 2005

I didn't really make it that clear in the story, but I do not work for Lucasfilm, ILM, or any other Lucas company. My buddy does, and that's how I got invited.

I saw Revenge of the Sith today. I am still in awe, and still going through withdrawls. The film was great. I won't spoil it for any of you reading this that haven't read any spoilers, but let me say this: It delivers. I'm not ashamed that I cried a few times during the movie either. It's emotional.

No, what I'm going to write about is my actual experience and how it turned out to be a day I will never forget, a once in a lifetime experience. It's pretty neat getting to be a Star Wars fan in the bay area, considering George Lucas himself is from around here. That sentence is a perfect prelude into the events that happened today.

I woke up at 5:04 a.m. My alarm was supposed to go off at 5am, but I guess my wife hit the snooze button. As soon as I opened my eyes, I shot out of bed like a blast from the death star. Got in the shower, showered in record time, put my clothes on, waited for my buddy to finish getting ready, and we were out the door at 5:35 a.m. Our destination was Lowes Metreon theater in San Francisco. All Lucas employees were given a choice to see Episode III at one of four theaters around the bay area. We chose Lowes because it was the only one with a digital display. What a lucky pick that turned out to be!

We got to San Francisco around 6:20 a.m. Parked the car, and got straight in line outside. We were about 20th or so. The doors weren't going to open until around 9 a.m., so we had some waiting to do. Those three hours however went by faster than you could imagine. I am a huge Star Wars fan, and to be that immersed with fellow fans and people who work for ILM and Lucasfilm was purely amazing. Ryan Church, and his team of artists that did all of the designs and art for Revenge of the Sith were right ahead of us in line. I talked to him a little bit about what it was like seeing the things he drew 3 years ago being put up on the big screen and being bought by guys like me in toy stores around the world. His answer is what you would imagine, he said it was "just amazing."

We all played Star Wars trivial pursuit for about an hour until around 8:45 a.m. when someone right behind us said "have you looked at how big the line is lately?" So I stepped out of line and looked all the way down the street. There were over 1500 people in line waiting to see the employee screening of the film! And these were people who actually worked on the film! I was #20 or so, and the guy who was the principal of photography must have been #1248! That's crazy! How did I get so lucky?!? I thanked God right there! People who have worked for George their entire lives were walking all the way to the end of the line. Hey, the handout they gave all of us said specifically "No saving places in line, or seats."

9 a.m. finally rolls around and the line starts to move inside the theater. They grabbed that green ticket that you can see above the first paragraph and off we went. The only theater in the entire building that was playing the movie digitally was theater number 15. So walking as fast as I possibly could without getting in trouble for running, I made it to theater 15. To my amazement, no one was sitting in the middle rows yet, so I hopped right in and sat down. As soon as my butt hit the seat, one of the ushers said "Excuse me sir you can't sit there." I said "Excuse me? I've been in line since 6:30. I think we should be able to sit wherever we want!" Nicely, but firmly the usher quipped back, "Sorry sir, those seats are for George and his family".
The usher didn't need to say anything else. I knew exactly who George was before she even finished that sentence. George Lucas was going to be watching Episode III with all of us. Whoa. I needed a seat after hearing that. So I climbed up about 4 rows where the seats weren't reserved anymore and sat down.

About 15 minutes passed and I got to talking to the girl next to me. Her name was Maggie. She works at ILM. Right in the middle of one of her sentences she says "Oh my God, there's Robin Williams!" And sure enough, grabbing his seat 3 rows ahead of us was Mork himself. I guess he was trying to be inconspicuous and go low-profile, because he was wearing the brightest orange shirt I've ever seen.

A few minutes passed and out of my right I see a gray haired guy in the same row as Robin Williams talking to a few people. It was the man. For the first time in my life, not only was I in the same room as George Lucas, but I was actually looking at him in real life, not via my tv. Time stood still for a few moments. Somewhere, God was smiling for me. I don't know how George slipped in without thunderous applause, but somehow he did. I was waiting for people to start whispering and then go into thunderous applause, but it never happened. George just shook hands and hugged the people around him, and then went over about 8 chairs to sit next to Robin Williams for about 10 minutes.

I would have loved to have heard what they were saying, because every 30 seconds or so, they both started laughing out loud. I'm sure Robin Williams was being his usual self, but I can count the times on two fingers that I've seen George Lucas laugh. He is always very serious and diplomatic when he gives interviews, so it was candid to see him relaxed and jovial. I really wish I could have been able to hear them, but seeing it was pretty neat too.

After George went back to his seat and settled in, the lights dimmed. Everyone cheered before anything was even shown on the screen. They showed a 10 second Digital Screen promo and then BOOM, right into the 20th Century Fox logo. Applause. Lucasfilm logo. Thunderous ovation. STAR WARS. Louder than any movie theater cheer I have ever heard or been a part of. Now I'm not going to describe how great the movie was, or anything about it. I'm sure you can read one of any number of reviews on the internet right now. Like I said, it delivered. This is the movie that Star Wars fans have been waiting for since 1983 since Return of the Jedi.

As I watched the film in awe, not really comprehending that I was actually sitting in the same theater with George Lucas, Robin Williams, Rick McCallum, the art dept, etc etc, I couldn't help from doing something from time to time. I found myself every 10 or 15 minutes looking a few rows ahead of me at George watching to see his reaction to his own creation. Granted I couldn't see his facial expressions, but he was just as into it as the rest of us. Applauding when the rest of us applauded, laughing at the jokes that he undoubltedly wrote himself. Surreal is all I can say. I get goose bumps just writing about it right now. At one point during the Anakin vs. Obi-Wan fight, he leaned to the person on his left and whispered something in his ear. As much as I wished I could hear what he and Robin Williams were talking about, I would have given just about anything to hear his own commentary on his film. Sure, you can hear his commentary on the DVD when you buy it 6 months from now, but that's not the same as when it's all fresh in his head and he is not being interviewed or otherwise recorded for future reference. I bet he was saying things that he'll never repeat again.

After the final scene, the blue font credits appeared. George's name was first. My friend and I were the first and only people to stand up and start cheering. Everyone else remained seated while they applauded. And that's the difference between myself and every other Star Wars fan. I love these films. They are a part of me. Standing up to thank the man who was responsible for it all was a natural reaction. I'm also proud to say that I was the only person who yelled "THANK YOU GEORGE!!" as I applauded. The clapping went on throughout the entire credits. It would get louder as the people who were in attendance names appeared on screen. You'd hear a section in the lower left corner cheer really loud as someones name came on, and other parts of the theater as well when other names appeared. Not one person left during the credits. Not one person. After the final credits rolled, and the lights came on, everyone finally stood up and looked at George. The whole theater knew where he was sitting. We all turned to him and clapped for at least another 2 minutes. Finally, when we had stopped, George said something. "Thank you everyone, without you all, this wouldn't have been possible." And to that I say, No George, thank you. Without you, none of this would have ever happened in the first place.

After the movie, all four theaters that the film was shown at throughout the bay area converged at the new site for Lucasfilm, ILM and Lucasarts, at the Presidio. We had lunch inside the building which was decorated with 20 foot posters from the film, and many of the costumes and props as well. At one point, right before I left, George Lucas was standing around 3 or 4 people. He wasn't really talking to them, as he seemed to be just taking it all in. I realized I was staring at a once in a lifetime moment. So I walked up to him, put my hand on his back and said "George, my name is Ricky Borba and I just wanted to say thank you for Star Wars. You have no idea what it means to me." After I finished my sentence, George extended his hand out towards mine, I grabbed it and we shook hands. He said "Ricky, it's my pleasure."

And I believe him. He loves Star Wars just as much as I do.
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Friday, May 06, 2005
It's exactly 12 hours before I will be watching Episode III Revenge of the Sith. Thank you and goodnight!!!!
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Wednesday, May 04, 2005
Just found out that one of my favorite...no wait, my favorite comedian died last month. His name was Mitch Hedberg. Click his picture to hear 2 minutes of his routine. I picked this particular portion because he says my name in it. And FYI, he says a few swear words.
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This is what happens when you leave for work in the morning and you forget to close the side door that leads to the backyard and it starts to rain. You're welcome for the run-on sentence.

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Monday, May 02, 2005
Hello to whoever is watching me at 11:15pm on Monday night.
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If you google my name with quotes, this is the last things that gets a hit. I find it interesting. It's from mobygames.com:

MobyGames Auto-Generated Summary *:
    Ricky Borba was credited on a game in 2005. His/Her career probably spans more years than those displayed since these dates are based on the credits documented in MobyGames (which are incomplete). Ricky Borba has been credited with the roles Quality Assurance. Ricky Borba has been credited on games developed by the following companies: Obsidian Entertainment. This does not imply employment by these companies.
Games CreditedStar Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords (2005), LucasArts
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What is that? What does it mean? Who is that sexy bastard?
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