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Wednesday, February 28, 2007
I hate that I like AFI.
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Monday, February 26, 2007
I'm stealing this entire post from Jackson's blog because I couldn't have said things any different...

Christianity proven false! Jesus' tomb found!!

According to James Cameron (yes, of Terminator fame) the tomb of Jesus has been found. The Discovery Channel will have a special giving us all the info on it. Apparently this tomb in question was discovered around 1980 - and in it there are ossuaries with names like Joseph, Mary, and Jesus. They've also done DNA tests to prove they've actually found the Jesus' remains! (Don't ask how that works.)

Here are a couple things you might want to read on this topic, which I think will get some buzz in the coming months:

The Discovery Channel Site

The Internet Monk's post on this - he keeps updating it and adding resources. Go there.

A Jerusalem Post story with the following quote:

But Bar-Ilan University Prof. Amos Kloner, the Jerusalem District archeologist who officially oversaw the work at the tomb in 1980 and has published detailed findings on its contents, on Saturday night dismissed the claims. "It makes a great story for a TV film," he told The Jerusalem Post. "But it's impossible. It's nonsense."

Kloner, who said he was interviewed for the new film but has not seen it, said the names found on the ossuaries were common, and the fact that such apparently resonant names had been found together was of no significance. He added that "Jesus son of Joseph" inscriptions had been found on several other ossuaries over the years.

"There is no likelihood that Jesus and his relatives had a family tomb," Kloner said. "They were a Galilee family with no ties in Jerusalem. The Talpiot tomb belonged to a middle-class family from the 1st century CE."

An NT Wright page on evidence for the resurrection. He doesn't claim it's enough to convince every skeptic that the resurrection must have occurred. But he does make a good, effective, historical case for the essential portions of the resurrection account. Worth looking at.

(this is Ricky now) And while I'm blogging about Christianity, have you all seen this whacko?
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Thursday, February 22, 2007
I present to you........

Homestar Runner, singing "Firestarter" by Prodigy.
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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

You just have to throw caution to the wind. Today I saw a REALLY sweet job posting. I'm not looking for a new job. I like Pump It Up. It's a steady paycheck, the people I work with are a lot of fun to be around, and have taught me a lot. But, when you see a job posting like that, that is RIGHT up your alley, and something you could honestly see yourself doing for a very long time, and at the same time be more than thrilled to do it, you owe it to yourself to give yourself a chance. The thing is, I'm not hoping that I'll be good enough for them to notice. I know I'm good enough to do that job. I submitted 3 of my best writing samples from this website. This one, this one, and this one. The only thing I'm hoping, is that my application doesn't get lost in the crowd with all of the other ones. I'm hoping they really do go through each and every one of them.

In other news, and farbeit more important news, we are 7 weeks along into pregnancy #2. Our due date as of right now is October 8th. I think we're having a boy.

Oh, and I started swimming again. Waking up at 5:50 five days a week isn't so great. Smelling like chlorine the rest of the day after swimming isn't so great. My hair becoming coarse and unmanageable because of the chlorine isn't so great. But in about 2 months, the way I'll feel and how my body will be looking will be so great I'll have to watch one of these movies just to level it out.
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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Hello everyone. If you'll notice, there is a new-old friend under the tag board window. It's the radio blogger. And in the radio blogger, you will find my very first podcast. The theme of this podcast is music, and I've chosen 3 very nice songs for your listening to enjoyment. So sit back, relax, press play on the radio blogger (by double clicking the name of the podcast), and prepare for an eargasm.

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007
Strange Item # 318 I've found out about myself from googling my name...

This is from: http://onesidedwar.blogspot.com. I have no idea who this guy is or more importantly why he knows this about me....

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Costco Observation #12154

Who over the age of 12 and not named Ricky Borba puts ONLY ketchup on a hot dog?
A hot dog without mustard is un-American, end of story.

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Sunday, February 11, 2007
A quick list of my top 5 favorite video game franchises.

I am an avid video game player. I have been since I was about 5. For as long as I can remember, I've loved sitting in front of the TV and letting the interactive experiencing I am...umm...experiencing, take me away to a place where I'm totally relaxed and completely removed from this world for a while.

Without thinking about this topic for more than 5 minutes, I came up with this list. As of right now, they're in no particular order. Just know that whenever these franchises come out with a new game in the series, I always buy it.

It's no secret that I wish I was a hitman. I seriously think about it every day. I mean who wouldn't want the cold hearted ability to just take out a scumbag and earn a living doing it? If it wasn't for the fact that I'm not very strong, kind of a pretty boy, not very athletic, a Christian, and too honest for my own good, I'd probably be a hitman. Thank God for Eidos. The Hitman series allows you to work for "The Agency" and take assignments in locations all over the world. From Columbian druglords, to racist Louisianian boat captains. I love the various weaponry and methods you can choose to use throughout your mission. Do you use a fiber wire to silently take out your mark, or do you use a sub-machine gun an systematically take out everyone in the entire level? The choice is yours.


This is an entry that pains me. It pains me because these franchise of games is temporarily not being made anymore. Since Satan, aka EA Games, bought the rights to make the ONLY NFL licensed game for the next 7 years, 2K sports has stopped making the NFL2K series of games. These games were the most fun, best looking, and deepest football games on the market. From the initial game on the Sega Dreamcast, to the last in the series (for now) on the XBOX, these games beat the shit out of Madden in every category possible. Rumor has it that 2K games is making an "NFL Legends" game, to compete with EA's Madden franchise. I hope this is true, as I want to cut my own hands off when I slide my credit card over to the cashier every year to buy Madden.

The first time I saw a screenshot for the original Splinter Cell game on XBOX, I remember thinking that someone screwed up and must have accidentally put a picture from a movie instead. The Splinter Cell games have been, by a loooooooooongshot, the best looking games on ANY platform. Not only do they look great, but they play great too. You play as a secret government merc, sent out to stop some sort of terrorists somewhere on Earth. The storylines are always deep and immersive. But the things that set this series apart are the stealth style gameplay. The point is not to enter a room and kill 50 guys. The point is for you to go undetected the entire time. Whether it be to steal some data, kill someone, rescue someone, or whatever. The point is to keep it quiet, and use your super cool equipment to get the job done. I've yet to play the latest in the series, but it is sitting here right in front of me. I just know when I finally do decide to pop it in, I'm going to become Sam Fisher.

When I was 12, I popped Metal Gear into my Nintendo. I don't really remember getting to the end of that game, but I do remember that it was cool. Real cool if you know what I mean. Smoking cigarettes cool in fact. That's right, back in 1987 before everyone got their panties in a bunch about EVERYTHING, this game had cigarette smoking as one if it's features. Now, 20 years later, the Metal Gear Solid franchise is far and above any other franchise on any console. Graphics, gameplay, story, and inventiveness, the MGS series continue to set the bar so high, that other games spend years trying to duplicate it, only to fail miserably. When a new MGS game comes out, I don't beat it once or twice. I download the FAQ and beat that sonofabitch 4 to 5 times. The story changes everytime you play it, and you also get more and more cool weapons and gadgets every time you beat it. Nothing like earning the "invisibility" option, walking up behind an unsuspecting bad guy, planting some C4 on his belt, making yourself visible, holding him up at gunpoint, then watching him piss his pants, then telling him to walk ahead of you, then hitting the detonat button for the C4 on his belt. MGS 4 will be the ONLY reason I buy a PS3.

Did you expect me to leave of the company responsible for making the Star Wars video games? Come on. Look at the url of this website. Now I admit, there have been some HUGE stinkers from the boys over at Lucasarts, but there's also been some really good Star Wars games too. On a whole, even the best of the Lucasarts games aren't that great. But I love Star Wars okay? And until I get cast on the new Star Wars television series, this will be the closest way for me to participate in the Star Wars galaxy. Despite some of the bad games, they really do all start out with good intentions. Force Commander was probably the worst game, but again, it started off as a great idea. Who wouldn't want to control a massive Imperial or Rebel army, and invade a planet? The imagination and creativity behind these games are phenominal, and because of the fact that I love Star Wars so much, I will try every game that Lucasarts releases. I'm looking forward to the new "force" game that they're working on right now. Not much has been said about it, but apparently it's the most advantageous and aggressive Star Wars game ever. And since the newer consoles have so much power under the hood, this game is poised to be something special.
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Saturday, February 10, 2007
I might as well let everyone know that I too am throwing my hat into the ring as the potential father of Anna Nicole's baby.
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Friday, February 09, 2007
Not only....

Did Kayla say "dada" for the first time last night, she also started to dance. So now whenever she hears music, she bobs up and down and throws her hands up and down. It's adorable. You should all come over my house to see it.
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Tuesday, February 06, 2007
I'm the cover story on CNN.com!
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